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Students seek right to carry weapons

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PITTSBURGH – Colleges nationwide have unconstitutionally barred students from handing out literature, protesting, and gathering in support of the right to carry weapons on campus, students and an advocacy group say.
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Ein Kommentar möchte ich gerne hier zitieren:

First – this article is not about gun rights. It is about suppression of the right of free speech by institutions of higher learning – and shame on them. No matter what side of an issue you are on, you MUST support free speeach and open debate, or you lose your rights to exercise the same. What will you do if, when the next contentious issue arises, if you are on the unpopular side of the issue? Stand up for free speech, or surrender your freedom.
Second, the Supreme Court has already ruled (Heller v. Washington D.C.) that the Second Amendment is not limited to militia members – that’s a dead horse.
Third – and the result on the PA flight was?
The goal of the Concealed Carry group is not to flood campuses with unlicensed guns, but rather to allow persons who are already legally trained and licensed to carry a concealed weapon to do so on campus. Licensed CCW holders are an extremely responsible and law abiding group, with a stellar record for complying with the law. Trying to paint a grim picture of Dodge City shoot-outs is a gross distortion – critics tried the same tactic in Florida when the state legislature passed a „must issue“ law, projecting armed confrontations in the street. The actual result? A sizeable drop in violent crime. When good people are armed, thugs and robbers think twice before attacking them.
Deciding to legally carry a concealed weapon is not about bravado or fear; it’s about making a very serious decision to be prepared to protect yourself and others against those who act illegally. It is not about aggression or assault, but about defense. If you do not make that distinction, you miss the entire point.
Oh, and I agree that if no bad person had an illegal gun, I wouldn’t need to carry one – so let me know when that happy state of affairs occurs, and I’ll leave mine at home. Until then, I have no intention of becoming a victim. — 6x6x6x


Written by tweev

2009-06-05 um 12:30

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